Botanical Wedding Cakes are timeless!

Botanical wedding cakes are timeless.  The beauty of  gorgeous confectionery flowers on any cake seems to explode with celebration.  Whether you love the retro, or the modern look, flowers just cry out ‘Look At Me’.love collectionfffffffbotanical collectionworldly bride


Wedding Cake Trends, June 2012

Keeping up with the fast-moving trends in the wedding and party cake world is the fun part of our business.  Here are some ideas for the retro couple who want a simple yet sophisticated cake.


retro bride

yes to the dress

girls night out

More than ever brides are having girls weekends, spa parties, bridal luncheons, lingerie parties, and cocktail parties. This collection has all of the trendy items to
make the perfect desserts for such occasions; from cocktail parties to fancy
2-tiered cakes.

Chevron to the Rescue

It’s the year of Chevron. Everywhere I look, these delicious stripes are zipping a fresh, new & modern feel to designs of all types. These fantastic lines can be created with fondant or buttercream, and with so many striking color options, I’m starting to wonder how on earth to choose a favorite.

After much confectionary deliberation, a clear winning in my book is the fascinating graduated color shading effect. Using a single hue gives a stunning look of simplicity while maintaining strong design.  


(sources 1 , 2)

Other standouts are bold chevrons against white as well as über adorable chevron accents and details. 

From curtains to napkins and throw pillows, these splendid lines are a classic pop of color. It is often the craft world that leads and curves current trends, and chevron stripes are one of the recent lovlies to appear just about everywhere. With so many talented designers and DIY ladies ruling the web, I’m always excited to see what will pop up next.






(source 1 & 2)

Weekly Wedding Inspiration: Lemon & Gray

This week I’m loving the Lemon & Gray wedding theme.  A serious swoon is in order with stylish coordination such as these. Feast your eyes on the deliciousness that is Yellow and Gray:





Our Lemon cake flavor would be divine, not to mention adding a layer of our Pina Colata (both flavors are on my top 5 favorite Master’s Baker flavor list).  Add a lemon or buttercream filling and you’ve got yourself a cake made in confectionary heaven. I might not be able to resist a second slice!

I also can’t help myself when it comes to the classic candy bar. Nothing makes me run faster than the thought of scooping my own little bag of candy to devour, so today’s yellow theme has my mouth puckering with excitement at these grand inspirations:



The Pinterest Effect


, , , , ,

I often wonder what my wedding would look like, if I were to have a do-over. My man and I have been married nearly 9 years, and I can barely glance at my very simple, slightly uncreative wedding photos. Not only are my photos un-digital (what I wouldn’t give for a do-over in photos alone) but they are also empty and void of any real sense of who we were as a couple. And there are certainly none of the incredible details that would appear in my do-over. Perhaps a 20 year vow renewal will give me a chance to gather all of the ideas I see swirling on Pinterest these days.

{What’s Pinterest you say? Oh dear friend. Today is your lucky, inspiration filled day. You’re going to need at least 7 hours to even begin your Pinterest adventure. Grab a large coffee, a well rested hand for “pinning” and a pile of snacks. But best beware, you may end up at one of our Pinterest Detox seminars at some point in the future. }

Designing a wedding is so much more than the invitations, the flowers, the dress. It’s the feel of your day. The emotions and the honest reveal of your love for each other. It’s not how much you spend or how little. Planning ahead and opening up your vision for new ideas can breathe life into your wedding day. The most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended was also the simplest. The details were handmade, flawless and captured the style of the bride & groom perfectly.  Allowing your attendees to feel a part of who you are and giving them the gift of a well thought out day is something they will remember for years to come.

One of the things we love most at The Master’s Baker is getting a sense of the vision you have for your day. The colors and themes that inspire you, the photos that make you swoon, and cakes that you love.  The little details that help us complete your wedding in a way that only a fantastic cake can.

And thus, I give you, The Pinterest Effect.

Finding a theme and mood for your wedding can be found in many ways, but for me, I’m greatly inspired by color. In fact, I usually find myself gravitating toward unusual color combinations and a mix of old and new.  Taking a quick glance at my Pinterest board, let’s see what kind of inspiration we come up with today.

Cakes are first, because, after all, we love cakes!

(source: 1, 2, 3, 4)


(source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

The current vintage/modern trend is one of my favorites in the past decade. It sings style and refreshing beauty found in items that might otherwise get overlooked. Because isn’t that what’s so special about each of us? The parts that make us each unique that must be uncovered to find the essence of who we are. Tell your story in the little details and give your family and friends a glimpse into the great and wide love you share.

{See my finds on Pinterest here}

When you meet with us to design your wedding cake, bring photos, your personal style, and a smile. It’s going to be a great day working together and we look forward to getting to know you!

Kennett High School’s “Sweet” Bus Trip

      Our day began in preparation for a field trip from Kennett Square High School’s pastry arts program.  A busload of about 40 teenagers packed our shop like a tight suitcase with smiles, oohs, ahas, and excitement as they entered our bakery world of delicious smells and treats for both the eyes, nose and the belly.  

     Chad, our General Manager, led the tour of our gallery, work room, baking room and office explaining each aspect as he went.   Christie, our lead designer, offered demonstrations of rose making, piping and baking.

     At the end, each student was given a deliciously decorated cupcake and went away smiling.                                                         

3D Chinook Helicopter Groom’s cake


 Here’s how we do a 3D cake…..a request comes in and priced out.  Confirmation is made and the process begins.  Research is done and pics are accumulated from every angle.  The cake is baked then cut and shaped to size.  It is then covered with buttercream as you see in this pic.




All of the details such as the blades  and turning mechanisms are well thought out with a support system in place.  The cake is then covered with a thin coat of fondant and all the small details are made such as the windows and placed on the cake.  The base of the cake is equally important which for this cake was the tarmac landing circle.

This final pic is the result of all this hard work.   Hopefully the bride and groom are pleased with our work.


What do you think?

Our Baker BRENDA

One of the highlights of my week is to be greeted by a sweet smile from our new baker, Brenda, who is a single mom with a precious little boy, Logan, age 5.  He  shadows his mom in our bakery when he gets the opportunity to ‘come to work with Mommy’, i.e. during those hurricane days off school.  He reports back to his teacher that he bakes cakes with Mommy.

Brenda is a perfect addition to our staff, fitting in like a glove.  I did a bit of an interview with her.  Here’s how it went:

Which was your biggest week so far?   I believe it was the 2nd week when I was totally on my own.  We had 28 weddings and I felt the pressure.  I knew I needed to get at least 4 batters done of 600 servings each the first day.   Each batter needed about 100 eggs and about 21 lbs of flour, so I was moving.

What was your biggest surprise of this job?     I guess it was  because there are so many flavors, I was not able to just do a batter of vanilla cake but had to rethink it to include just about all of our 15 flavors.  One wedding cake could consist of 4 layers of  4 different flavors, making maybe one 6″ layer – chocolate, an 8″ layer – Lemon Raspberry, a 12″ layer – apple spice and a 14″ layer – mint choc chip.

What is the best part of working at TMB?      ….the people.

What is the most difficult part?     …probably getting our  chocolate 10 lb blocks to the right temperature so I can shave them for our choc curl cakes.

Anything else you want to say?   I am still learning how the different pans are used.  For instance, the baby bassinet cake is baked in an oval  pot roast pan.  Also, the large revolving oven is different for me and I have a few battle scars to remind me.  I am also still learning how to connect with our many accounts to get accurate numbers for the week.  OH, one more thing, I just love my own private baking room with it’s mini back porch, windows to watch the squirrels and deer and of course, the turning of the leaves.

Brenda is good under stress which is very needed during our busy times.  Cakes are changed in size and flavor and sometimes cancelled each week  so she is learning to be flexible.  We are very fortunate to have Brenda and hope she remains part of our team for many years to come.

Referee Cake Shirt

  Isn’t this a fun shot?  As you might already know, Christie is our Roller Derby Queen as well as our lead designer at The Master’s Baker.   Here is one of the referees for her league at Caln Roller Rink in Thorndale, Pa. holding a birthday cake in the shape of his shirt.  As you can see, he is all smiles.  Check out the detail of the whistle.  So Awesome!