This summer we had the opportunity to volunteer at a local camp right down the street from the bakery. Paradise Farm’s camp has an outreach program called The Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation, RISE program. This is in honor of Karen Hicks, who is the director, of her son who passed away at the young age of 17. Andrew had dedicated his time to serving others. He tutored inner city kids, hoping to bring a positive message to the children’s lives.

Today the camp brings in kids from middle school age to high school from Chester. They spend a week out in the country, exploring, learning and creating amazing memories. As a professional development program they just started at the camp, they invited professionals from different areas of trades. The Master’s Baker was asked to come in and teach the kids cake decorating.

Melissa had a great time teaching them everything from making icing, learning about the color wheel, the steps in making a cake, making buttercream roses and sculpting fondant flowers. Every day they would walk in each one would say “What are we learning today!?” The final day, the group got to decorate 60 cupcakes for the whole camp that night. These cupcakes were going to be served at the end as the dessert course. Each kid took their creative skills and went to town! It was a wonderful week and an experience we will treasure! Here are a few photos of the kids with Melissa.

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We look forward to volunteering next summer!