Cake toppers have been a long-standing tradition with wedding cakes. On some accounts it can be traced back to the late 19th century. Toppers were a unique way to symbolize one’s love for one each other. They were originally made from gum paste or plaster and then in the early to mid 1900’s they were made from wood, paper, or wax.

Today we see many, many different types of cake toppers come through the bakery. Whether it be the classic monogram, customized bride and groom giving each other a “high five”, or adding their pets or favorite mascot into the mix. We have seen it all!

One bit of advice I’d like to share is when picking a cake topper, make sure it does not take away from the design of your wedding cake. Many couples choose a beautifully decorated wedding cake and have a very dramatic cake topper that takes your eye away from the decoration. It’s like wearing plaid pants and a zebra striped shirt…yikes!

Today there are hundreds of sites and stores to buy cake toppers from. My favorite is There you can find people who hand sculpt your topper and customize figures to look like the couple or match your wedding color! The possibilities are endless!

Below are just a few of the unique ones as well as a traditional topper. Happy picking!