Lazy fishing days

Summer days are the best as we think of the  warm beaches, colorful umbrellas,  long-awaited vacations, the crystal clear  pool, the fun and laughter,  good sing along music, bonding of  family, unexpected road trips, your bronze tan, gentle breezes,  juicy seedless watermelon, spontaneous picnics, and buttery corn on the cob.

It is also a fun time for partying, complete with a delicious TMB cake in one of our many flavors.  My favorite is the lemon raspberry or the carrot but a lot of people might like to differ with me.  Have you tried either one?  You should.  I have given you a few pics of some creative summer cakes for your party coming up.  Our shop usually closes over 4th of July but this year we will remain open.  We are able to create a spectacular July 5th cake, even with the sparklers.

This one would be perfect in red, white and blue with fireworks instead of the flowers.