Do you believe in coincidences?  I don’t!  I think that all things happen for a reason. While vacationing in Florida this past Valentine’s Day, my husband, Paul and I went out to dinner.  The restaurant was filled with only outside seating available, which we quickly accepted.  Another couple behind us did the same and  because of minimal seating,  they asked to sit with us.  We accepted gladly and quickly got to know one another.

They were from Illinois, he a 3,500 acre farmer and she, a landscape designer, with 4 children.  Conversation turned to my cake business and then to their son, Matt, who was in culinary school, needing an internship to graduate.  Since we accept interns, I suggested that maybe he could come to Pa to complete that internship, maybe even stay in our home, exchanging room and board for  weekly yard work.

Upon arriving home from the sunshine state, I rec’d an unexpected email from Matt requesting an internship.  He has been here since April doing a great job for us and for our property.  He has won the hearts of our staff with his dedicated skills, has entered the roller derby world as an official, and has beautified our property’s pond with a rock wall and plantings.  He is an asset all the way around.

Here is a pic of him celebrating his 21st birthday with us here in Pa, both with our family and in our shop.  Again congratulations Matt and we love you.