One of the highlights of my week is to be greeted by a sweet smile from our new baker, Brenda, who is a single mom with a precious little boy, Logan, age 5.  He  shadows his mom in our bakery when he gets the opportunity to ‘come to work with Mommy’, i.e. during those hurricane days off school.  He reports back to his teacher that he bakes cakes with Mommy.

Brenda is a perfect addition to our staff, fitting in like a glove.  I did a bit of an interview with her.  Here’s how it went:

Which was your biggest week so far?   I believe it was the 2nd week when I was totally on my own.  We had 28 weddings and I felt the pressure.  I knew I needed to get at least 4 batters done of 600 servings each the first day.   Each batter needed about 100 eggs and about 21 lbs of flour, so I was moving.

What was your biggest surprise of this job?     I guess it was  because there are so many flavors, I was not able to just do a batter of vanilla cake but had to rethink it to include just about all of our 15 flavors.  One wedding cake could consist of 4 layers of  4 different flavors, making maybe one 6″ layer – chocolate, an 8″ layer – Lemon Raspberry, a 12″ layer – apple spice and a 14″ layer – mint choc chip.

What is the best part of working at TMB?      ….the people.

What is the most difficult part?     …probably getting our  chocolate 10 lb blocks to the right temperature so I can shave them for our choc curl cakes.

Anything else you want to say?   I am still learning how the different pans are used.  For instance, the baby bassinet cake is baked in an oval  pot roast pan.  Also, the large revolving oven is different for me and I have a few battle scars to remind me.  I am also still learning how to connect with our many accounts to get accurate numbers for the week.  OH, one more thing, I just love my own private baking room with it’s mini back porch, windows to watch the squirrels and deer and of course, the turning of the leaves.

Brenda is good under stress which is very needed during our busy times.  Cakes are changed in size and flavor and sometimes cancelled each week  so she is learning to be flexible.  We are very fortunate to have Brenda and hope she remains part of our team for many years to come.